Build Relationships With Potential Readers By Giving Something Away

A great way to create a relationship and build trust with a potential reader is to give something to them for free.  This could be an excerpt of your book, a free chapter, a tipsheet or checklist from the book, etc.  In return you can ask them to give you their name and e-mail address so you can keep in touch.

Some of you may be unsure about this idea.  You’re thinking “but why give it away when I can charge for it?”  You can’t charge people for stuff if they don’t know you exist.  People aren’t going to do business with someone if they have no idea who you are.

There are two things to remember when you give something away:

1. Make sure it has your name and contact information on it.

2.  Make sure it has a real perceived to your clients.

In order for this strategy to be successful you need to make sure people know about it.  Here are some promotional ideas to try:

1. Issue a press release using a free press release distribution site.

2. Announce it to all your social networks (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

3. You can put an announcement in your local Chamber of Commerce email distribution.

4. Send an email to all the Associations, Networking Groups, industry groups that you are a part of.

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