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Use Social Media To Promote Your Book

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with social media because we really don’t understand the how and why of using it.  Social media isn’t for everyone.  It can take some time to get started, but if your readers use social media, then you should too.

Social media marketing includes the top three social media sites LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and blogs, podcasts, webcasts, teleseminars and video sharing sites like YouTube.  Any place where people gather to talk and socialize is considered a social media site.

We can’t get into all the aspects of using social media to market your book here but you can check out the FREE webcasts I’ve created on the topic and there are quite a few.  Click the link to visit 42Rules to check them out.

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Keep Track Of New Books In One Place

The New York Times book section is a great online resource for readers and authors.  They cover book news, have book reviews, best seller lists, podcasts and more.  If you love books as much as we do bookmark The New York Times Books.

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Lit Agency Launches E-Publishing Company

Bondfire Books, a new e-publishing company, has been launched by Alive Communications, a Colorado Springs-based literary agency representing Christian and inspirational authors. The company will publish e-book exclusives by such bestselling authors as novelist Karen Kingsbury and Eugene Peterson, author and translator of The Message Bible.  Read the rest of the press release at Publishers Weekly.

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The HuffPost Book Club

If you are an avid reader like all of us at 42Rules then take a look at the HuffPost Book Club.  Started in December of 2011, the book club introduction says:

“Just like other book clubs, it’s a way for us to invite you to read books that you otherwise might not, and to be part of a larger community discussing their narratives and themes.

Unlike any other book club, we also want to hear about how your reading intersects with your experiences, your memories, your everyday life and with current events.”

If you’d like to join the club visit

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Facebook Fan Page No No’s

Let’s face it.  You need a Facebook Fan Page for your book and perhaps one for your company too.  Some authors are promoting their books and keeping in touch with readers using their Fan Page and other authors let their page languish into oblivion.  But you must have a Fan Page for your book.  Your readers expect and your publisher may require it.

No matter how you use the page you must make a conscious effort not to break the rules created and put in place by Facebook for Fan Page administrators.  There are many rules and you swore to uphold them when you signed on the dotted line before creating your Fan Page.  Break even one of these rules and you can wave bye bye to your Fan Page and all of the fans you worked so hard to get.

Facebook is offering you a free service so they get to call the shots so it’s important to know the rules.  Facebook reserves the right to reject or remove Pages for any reason and they can do so without warning.  Marketing Gum has a great article about these rules and the consequences of breaking them.  Did you know, for example, that your Fan Page cover photo cannot include your contact information or pimp your most recent coupon or sale?  If you didn’t know that and if you haven’t read the rules you must read the article by Marketing Gum.  To read the story of one company that broke the rules read “Social Media : To Facebook Hell & Back” and start taking these rules seriously.

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No One Throws Away Books: How To Use Your Book To Build Your Business

“My consulting revenue has grown by 6 figures after my book was published.  I was able to get more leads, close more business and increase my fees because I am an author.”
—Michael Griego author of “42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness”

If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, professional speaker or coach you spend a great deal of time marketing your products and services.  Your goal is to get your message to as many potential customers as possible.  But each year it becomes more difficult to differentiate yourself when so many of your competitors are trying to do the same thing.

You can become the recognized expert in your field and build a thriving business by writing a non-fiction book.  A book isn’t just a book… it’s probably the most effective marketing tool out there for independent professionals.  Your book is the platform from which you build your brand and your business.  Here is a list of just a few of the ways our authors use their books to build their business:

Build a brand.  Use your book as a branding tool.  Create paid products and services on the same topic as the book.  For example, your book could become an e-course, an audio book, a series of podcasts or radio shows, special reports, part of a book series, a teleclass, webinar or DVD.

Get more clients.  There’s nothing like giving a book you wrote to a prospective client.  In the “old days” we created expensive printed proposals with all sorts of graphics but a printed book is far more impressive and shows your potential client that you are an expert in your field.  Close more deals by including a free book for every team member you will work with on the project.

Get free media coverage.  Media outlets like newspapers, magazines, television, radio shows and blogs need a constant stream of new stories to keep readers engaged.  Pitch your book to journalists for review and offer yourself as an interview subject.  Chances are you, as an author, will receive much more coverage than someone without a book.

Make money.  Sell your books on your website, bookstores and online book retailers.  Take them to speaking engagements and sell them at the back of the room.  Package your book with other products.  Build an affiliate program and have your affiliates sell your book for you.

Increase your search engine rankings.  The number one way to increase your search engine rankings is to have incoming links from a variety of reputable websites.  Get these links by offering your book for free to online book reviewers and ask them to include a link to your website in the review.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using a book to build your business.  A good book can be used as a marketing tool for many years as long as it is relevant.  Now that you know a book is the best marketing tool you can have what’s stopping you from writing one?

©2012, 42Rules, a Division of Impact Marketing Group.  Reprints welcomed so long as the article is reprinted intact and all links are made live.

Author Laura Lowell is the creator and Executive Editor of the 42Rules™ book series.  The 42Rules™ book series is founded on the belief that most subjects can be summarized into 42 distinct areas that capture a topic’s essence.  Learn more about how you can become a 42Rules™ author by visiting and follow our publishing blog for writers at

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The Encyclopaedia Britannica Vanishes From Print

We remember sitting at the kitchen table after dinner working on homework with a volume of The Encyclopaedia Britannica open in front of us.  Those days are long past and The Encyclopaedia Britannica will no longer be in print.  The last edition was in 2010 and is still available… all 44 million words in 32 volumes.  All this information will be online but it is still a sad bit of history that has passed us by.

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New York Journal Of Books Looking For Books To Review

The New York Journal of Books is an online repository of book reviews.  If you are an author or publisher you can submit your book for review.  They do want the book four weeks before publication so this is not an opportunity for already published books. To read the guidelines click here.

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2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards now open!

The 16th annual Independent Publisher Book Awards, honoring the year’s best independently published titles, is now accepting entries until March 15th, 2012 for books with 2011 and 2012 copyrights or that are released in 2011 or early 2012.

42Rules are submitting the following titles for consideration –42 Rules for a Web Presence that Wins and 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role.

The “IPPY” Awards were conceived as a broad-based, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the independent publishing industry, and are open to authors and publishers worldwide who produce books written in English and intended for the North American market. We define “independent” as 1) independently owned and operated; 2) operated by a foundation or university; or 3) long-time independents that became incorporated but operate autonomously and publish fewer than 50 titles a year. To learn more click here.

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Barnes & Noble Brick and Mortar Stores No Longer Carrying Titles entered the publishing industry by purchasing a self publishing company and allowing authors to publish their titles on-demand with them. Due to changes in agreements has with other publishers Barnes & Nobles announced in February, 2012 that it will only carry published titles online and not in their brick stores. How this decision will affect Barnes& Noble’s sales remains to be seen. What effect, if any, will this have on your purchasing decisions?

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