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A New Program: Kindle MatchBook has created a new purchasing program called Kindle MatchBook. You can purchase the Kindle version of qualifying books that you purchased from in print.  You’ll pay between 0 and $2.99 for the matching Kindle versions.  Going forward you can buy the print book along with the Kindle version for $2.99 or less.  This means that authors make more money when promotes the bundle.  As an author with a book in print you have to enable your participation in the program.  For more information visit

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Holiday Crunch Time! How to Sell More Books Before Christmas

virtual book tour

geralt / Pixabay

It’s true that the winter holiday season is almost upon us but it’s not too late to sell more books.  Penny C. Sansevieri of Author and CEO, Marketing Experts, Inc. says in the article “Holiday Crunch Time! How to Sell More Books Before Christmas” that booksellers who are late to the party can still sell books during the holiday particularly if they are autographed.  She provides us with seven places to sell these books.  To get some insight into selling more books during the holidays click here.

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Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More Books (Let’s Get Publishing)

Joanna Penn has a guest on Jane Friendman’s blog about selling more books by optimizing your metadata.   Metadata is information like categories and keywords on a book sales site.  Jane recommends the book “Let’s Get Visible” by David Gaughran.  The description on the book page of says:

“Take your sales to the next level! The author of the award-winning, bestselling Let’s Get Digital is back with an advanced guide for more experienced self-publishers.

There are over 1.5 million books in the Kindle Store, with thousands more added every day. How do you get yours noticed? Visibility isn’t a challenge that can be bested once – it requires continual work. But there are tools and strategies to do much of the heavy lifting for you.

In Let’s Get Visible: How To Get Noticed And Sell More Books, you’ll discover how to:

  • Leverage Amazon’s famous recommendation engine to take advantage of the various opportunities it provides for exposure
  • Position your books for discoverability on other sales venues
  • Minimize the time you spend promoting so you have more time to spend writing
  • Promote in a cost-effective way that actually works
By using these tips, you will get your book noticed. And getting noticed is the key to growing your sales.”
Click the book picture to sell more books!
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Have You Seen The Biblio-Mat?

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

The Monkey’s Paw bookstore has created and is using a machine that dispenses old books.  The Biblio-Mat is a coin-operated machine that allows readers to pay  with a $2 coin and receive a randomly selected book.  The Biblio-Mat was designed and constructed for the Monkey’s Paw by animator Craig Small.

This fun machine vibrates and make noises after being fed a coin.  When the book is delivered the buyer hears the ring of an old telephone bell.  What we want to know is how can our bookstores get their own copy of the Biblio-Mat?  Can you think of a way to use this fun idea to market your books?

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Book Marketing Checklist


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Courtesy of Indie Author Counsel we have a free book marketing checklist.  Six pages long this handout includes building your expert author platform, find friends and readers with social networking, garner book reviews, take a virtual book tour, utilize Amazon’s selling tools, get the word out with free publicity and up your visibility with advertising.  Download this book marketing deliciousness right now!

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Social Media For Authors

social media

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Authority Publishing has published a great article about social media by Stephanie Chandler.  Chandler points out exactly what we’ve been saying all along… social media isn’t the cure all for your marketing woes.  She says “Recently I was talking about social media with a friend, who happens to be an executive for one of the largest PR firms in the country. He said, “Social media is not transactional. We tell our clients not to expect social media to be about generating sales. It’s about so much more.” I couldn’t agree more, yet I speak with authors frequently who want social media to be the solution to their marketing woes.”  Read the full article to learn more.

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Author’s Quick Guide to Engaging Your Fan Base

The “Author’s Quick Guide to Engaging Your Fan Base” is an e-book for Kindle written by Kristen Eckstein, the Ultimate Book Coach.  From the description of the book Eckstein says “The secret to engaging your fan base is to help them, and help them profitably. By helping them invest in themselves, you’re giving them an incentive to change their world and achieve their dreams. Engaging your fan base in this way will ensure their ongoing support of you in the future. It’s the foundation to an amazing and brilliant relationship!”

This affordable e-book is just one of many written by the author to help you sell more books!

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Sell Your Books In Bulk!

book marketing

Nemo / Pixabay

Penny C. Sansevieri of Author and CEO, Marketing Experts, Inc. discusses the ins and outs of selling your book in bulk in the article “Courting Catalogs and Bulk Sales”.  What we got out of the article is that to sell your books in bulk you need to think creatively.  The other issue to keep in mind is that bulk purchases can take time so be patient.  To read the entire article yourself click “Courting Catalogs and Bulk Sales“.

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The Official Self-Published Book Marketing Plan

Join Nick on Write Hacked (formerly Live Hacked) as he shares his marketing plan for a self-published book.  There is quite a lot of detail in the over 4,000 words so you can save it to your computer or register for the newsletter and get a ready to read downloaded copy.  The best thing about this marketing plan is not only the detail but the emphasis on starting your marketing plan before your book is published.  You can read the entire post here.

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Mini Q&A with Seattle author Wendy Call

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OpenClips / Pixabay

The Writer’s Block: Living a Writer’s Life blog has a mini Q&A with author Wendy Call from the upcoming book “Everyday Book Marketing“.  Wendy discusses her book, book promotion and gives advice for new writers.  Our favorite quote is “This is no time to be shy. Nor humble. Put yourself out there; push yourself a bit past your comfort zone.”  All writers should heed this advice and learn to become their own best supporter.  You can read the Q&A here.

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