Market Your Book With Article Marketing

Article marketing also known as “Article Syndication” is the marketing technique of submitting an article about the topic of your book or a chapter of your book to topic related sites on the internet.  The types of sites you want to submit to are blogs, article newsgroups, article directories, forums and topic specific sites.  You do not need to spin your article or chapter as search engines do not penalize articles that are syndicated to more than one site.

In return for using the article publishers allow you to add a biography and at least one link to your site to the end of your article.  The best use of the link would be to create an opt-in form on that page to capture reader information.  In return, you can provide them with another chapter of your book, a tipsheet or another article.

Once your article has been published tell people about it.  Tell potential clients about it, link to it from your site and post the article link to your social networking sites.  Published articles add to your credibility as a book author.

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