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Interact With Fans Weekly

fansEven if you have a small fanbase interact with them weekly.  Fans love authors that take the time to interact with them and if you do your fans will recommend you to other potential readers.  You can get really creative with this but here is a list of a few things you can do to “meet” with your fans weekly:

  • Hold a weekly Twitter chat.
  • Create a weekly video and post on your website and social media accounts.  Ask fans to comment so you can answer their questions.
  • Host a Google+ Hangout weekly.
  • Have a weekly chat on Facebook.  You can post the notice of the chat on your Facebook Fan Page and have fans comment.  You can reply to comments.  Make sure you setup a regular time to start and end the chat.
  • If you have local fans setup a MeetUp group to meet with fans locally.

Do you have ideas for ways to spend time with your fans?  Share it with us in the comment section please!

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Hangout With Your Super Fans Using Google Hangouts

Google PlusGoogle Hangouts are a feature of Google+ and they allow you to hold a webinar with nine people or less.  You can use Google Hangouts as a reward system for super fans who introduce your book to new readers.  You may already know who these people are but if you don’t you’ll need to find out.  Hold a contest with specific goals for fans to promote your book(s) and use the hangout as the reward.  You’ll need to have written rules that enforce a “no spamming” rule to protect your reputation but if done carefully this could be a great incentive for fans to bring you new readers.  You can learn more about Google Hangouts here.

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