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42Rules Goes Global

Remember the enormously popular science fiction series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Created by Douglas Adams, it sent a group of people on an inter-planetary exploration. The comic adventures led to one destination —the number 42. Seemingly, “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life” was computed by a supercomputer the size of a planet, called Deep Thought, and 42 surfaced as the magic number.  So if you’re a cult follower or just intent on hitchhiking through your work-life, business or management dilemmas, it may be a good idea to pick up 42 Rules, recently printed in India.

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Collaboration Pizza interviews David Coleman

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Life West blog titled  Pam Fox Rollin: “42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role.”

Weekly Leader Products interviews author Pam Rollins.

42 Rules No One Told You by Business Insider – War Room Contributors

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The 42 Rules of Product Marketing: Be The Expert in How Customers Use Your Product by Dave Kellogg of Kellblog
Business Over Coffee reviews and recommends “42 Rules of Product Marketing”

Media Coverage for “42 Rules for Working Moms”

“Laura is a very successful business woman and I suspect someone who has a sense of humor similar to my own, given that these tips are hilariously fantastic. She has realized that the hardest job out there is motherhood, but there is one harder job, beyond the hardest job, which is working motherhood. [42 Rules for Working Moms] is essentially, 42 essays from moms with different kinds of views on different aspects of being a working mom… My favorite one is “Have Sex!”  Peter Walsh, talking with Laura on The Peter Walsh Show—Oprah & Friends Radio

Michelle Lamar blogs about “42 Rules for Working Moms”.

“Keeping the game as difficult as possible for women, and for men who want to be more involved with their families, is how the Good Old Boys network is able to keep thriving…With more women now in the workplace and so many companies saying they want to groom more women leaders, they’re going to have to really walk the flexibility workplace walk. “Parents need flexible work arrangements, they need to take time off to take care of sick kids, and maybe even take their kids on work trips,” [Lowell] stresses.”  Eve Tahmincioglu  The Huffington Post

Whether you’re a brand-new mom to a three-week old newborn and you’re just trying to keep your eyes open in between 3am feedings and diaper changes, or you’re deeply embedded in the trenches of motherhood, chasing after a toddler who is hell-bent on using his newfound walking skills to destroy anything in his wake, chances are you could use a few New Year’s resolutions to help you restore some balance to your life! Resolution: I will remember to bond with my partner and have sex. Laura Lowell author of the book, 42 Rules for Working Moms firmly believes that humans need sex; it is a key way for us to feel close, loved and, yes, less stressed.   She Knows Pregnancy and Baby

42 Rules for Working Moms by Laura Lowell is a great gift for the working mom in your life. Written by working moms, this book is a compilation of funny practical advice on how to survive as a “working mom.”  2008 Holiday Gift Guide – Even More Gifts for Mom Pink…Like the Color

ABC’s “The View from the Bay” interviews Laura Lowell about 42 Rules for Working Moms.

“Lowell assembled the best advice from 42 working moms into this eminently readable little book, and offered it up in bite-sized chunks because really, the last thing a working parent — or any exhausted parent for that matter — has is leisure to read. ”  Jackie Burrell —aPARENTly Speaking

“If you’re a working mama, either by choice or by necessity, you’ll want to check out 42 Rules for Working Moms, editor Laura Lowell’s smart new resource that offers tips and support in, you guessed it, 42 quick and easy-to-read chapters all written by working moms in the trenches.”  Cool Mom Pics

News coverage for “42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business”

The Internet is awash with information about job candidates. Be sure you’re aware of how to use it properly. “If you’re new to social media, take some time to learn about it,” says Jennifer Jacobson, author of the forthcoming book, 42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business. “Find a platform that works for you.” Once candidates are in your hiring pool, it’s tempting to Google them and search the big social media sites to see what comes up. But the mix of public, private, professional and personal information that can be found online must be used with abundant discretion, if at all. “Recruiters should try to look at the person as a whole,” says Jacobson. “Look them up on the social media sites, Google them and their email address.”  New York Times/Monster

News coverage for “42 Rules of Product Management”

Agile Product and Project Management Blog posts “Agile Product and Project Management Blog”

News coverage for “42 Rules of Marketing”

“… an engaging book with some compelling food for thought… In addition to defining what marketing is—both a science and an art—Lowell talks about identifying objectives, picking the problems you want to solve, and prioritizing the activities.”

CoastViews Magazine

“[Lowell] focuses on rules that marketing professionals should be following but forget, because they don’t have time… a number of gentle reminders resulting in 42 Rules of Marketing…”

Los Gatos Weekly Times

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