Write A Non-Fiction Book!

Being an author immediately makes you an expert because books deliver instant credibility. Having an MBA or PhD is great – but putting the word “author” behind your name sets you apart in a way nothing else can. A lot of people would like to write a book, but only a few actually do.

Writing a manuscript, finding a book publisher, distributing and marketing a book are challenges that prevent even the most ambitious of authors to ever get started.  That’s why we created the 42Rules™ program – to make it easier for independent professionals and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into powerful books that give them a platform to build their brand and their business.

Once you have published your book, you have a platform to grow your business; every person who buys or receives your book is a potential customer. Your book opens up new revenue opportunities like additional information products, services, and speaking opportunities which bring in new leads…and the cycle continues.

The idea behind 42Rules is simple; any topic can be succinctly explained using 42 rules that explain the basic essence of the idea.  From sales to marketing, investing and career development, 42Rules books deliver practical, actionable information in bit-sized rules that are easy to read…and easy to write.

With our proven formula, you can go from having an idea, to having a book on Amazon in less than six months.  The 42Rules program is the only program of its kind to combine the three critical elements required to make a book successful:  Writing, Publishing and Marketing.


You probably haven’t written a book;  but we have.  You will get all the support you need to turn your ideas into your book.


You’re not a publisher;  we are.  Let us handle all the details of production, printing, logistics and distribution.  You receive expert advice and guidance from the publisher, executive editor, copy editors, technical editors, cover and layout designers to make your book great.


You’re not in the marketing business; we are.  When you join the 42Rules series you join other authors in a comprehensive marketing program including customized web pages, integrated email marketing and social media campaigns, blogs, webcasts, and more.  You get everything you need.

You CAN Write a Book!

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