42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing

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What’s it about?

If you want to remain relevant as a marketing professional and avoid common mistakes, read this book. Social media is changing the way people think about marketing. It’s much more than pushing out the same content through new channels.

1. Start Listening

The biggest shift: marketing communications has become a bi-directional discipline, where you can (and must) listen to your customers rather than just talk to (at) them. But, with so many social media channels and new rules of engagement, even seasoned marketing professionals sometimes get stuck on where to begin.

2. Know the Difference in B2B

This book was created for business-to-business (B2B) marketing professionals who need to move quickly towards a marketing mix that now includes social media. While B2B marketing is still the commonly used term to differentiate it from business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, social media – and the future of marketing – is about people-to-people (P2P) communications.

3. Learn Practice vs. Theory

Learn from a combined 20 years of hands-on social media experience. The authors provide guidance on how to understand market requirements, engage in conversations with customers, build awareness for solutions, and generate targeted leads. Using a combination of best practices and use cases, it will quickly become clear how to maximize your return on investment with LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other popular online channels.

4. Implement Quickly

The phased approach used in the book will enable you to make steady progress as you move into social media without getting overwhelmed by too many options.  Providing small, well-defined chunks, the book makes it easy to integrate what you learn into your existing marketing strategy and day-to-day execution, step by step, while avoiding classic mistakes like over-committing resources., If you want to remain relevant as a marketing professional and avoid common mistakes, read this book.

What they’re saying

“A must-read for those responsible for digital and social program execution within progressive B2B organizations.”
Maggie Fox, Founder and CEO, Social Media Group

“”42 Rules’ offers valuable, practical guidance for B2B marketers of all levels.”
Mark Yolton, SVP of Digital, Social and Communities, SAP

“Whether you want to build your brand online or turn your organization into a social business, this book is a great resource.”
Dave DeWalt, Former CEO and President, McAfee

What’s in the book?

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:
Section I – Mixing Social Media into Your Marketing
Section II – Creating Social Media Content
Section III – Leveraging Key Social Media Sites
Section IV – Engaging Effectively in Social Media
Section V – Using Social Media in the sales cycle
Section VI – Putting Social Media into practice

social mediaMichael Procopio consults with Fortune 1000 customers on social media and social intelligence.
LinkedIn: http://LinkedIn.com/in/MichaelProcopio

social mediaPeter Spielvogel uses social media extensively to listen to customer sentiment, build awareness, and generate targeted leads for SAP.
LinkedIn: http://LinkedIn.com/in/PeterSpielvogel

social mediaNatascha Thomson is the founder and owner of MarketingXLerator, a B2B Social Media Marketing Consultancy.
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/NataschaThomson

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