42 Rules for Effective Connections (2nd Edition)

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What’s it about?

Tired of the same ‘ole networking chatter? Do you think anyone is really listening to what you have to say? Wish you were somewhere else? If you have to network to grow your business and find yourself spending money going to events, meeting as many people as possible and returning to the office with a handful of business cards without the results you want, you can benefit from the strategies presented in 42 Rules for Effective Connections (2nd Edition) (also available in our career bundle).

For anyone who wants to improve communication, get better results in any networking environment and alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes from building a business where you have to go out to meet potential customers – this career book is a must-read. The author provides a broad range of strategies that make the difference between networking that is ‘hit and miss’ versus networking that hits the bull’s eye. If you are serious about growing your business and simply are missing the mark on how to make your behavior stand out or if you are achieving success already and want to step up your game, this book will open the door to new possibilities.

There are literally thousands of networking organizations available for anyone wanting to participate. This book by Bonnie Ross-Parker and Cindy Elsberry is not about which meeting to attend; this book is about how to get better results when you get there! In this book you will learn:

  • How to position yourself in a crowded marketplace
  • How to start conversations
  • What to say to make yourself memorable
  • How to insure that others will want to do business with us
  • What can we do to improve our performance

What they’re saying.

“Bonnie Ross-Parker inspires you to leave your imprint everywhere you go, by making every Connection with everyone count. Learn to fall in love with the anticipation of meeting new people, and build lasting relationships with them. For anyone who wants to improve their communication skills, ’42 Rules for Effective Connections’ is the book for you.” Debbie Madiou, President, Liveonlinemeeting.com

“’42 Rules for Effective Connections’ is not just an idle suggestion when coming from Bonnie Ross-Parker and Cindy Elsberry. After experiencing the passionate and authentic ‘voice’ of contributing writers you’ll quickly see that what they provide are the concise, practical steps to truly experiencing the joy of connecting with others and getting better results TODAY!” Mary K Weinhagen, Editor, http://www.TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com

“I’ve often said it’s who you know that gets you in the door, and what you know that keeps you there. ’42 Rules for Effective Connections’ is about both of these—building meaningful connections that open doors, and sharing yourself with integrity so that you sustain lasting relationships. It’s a great book to read cover to cover or to just pick up when you have a moment or two. One idea could change your life.” Marnie Pehrson, CEO/Founder, Idea Marketers

What’s in the book.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

Rule 4 Honor Your Commitments
Rule 12 Be In Contribution To Others
Rule 31 I Have Never Met A Stranger

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