42 Rules for Elementary School Teachers (2nd Edition)


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What’s it about?

Written by an experienced educator, “42 Rules for Elementary School Teachers (2nd Edition)” is a collection of personal and practical professional advice on how to thrive as an elementary school teacher. These guiding best practices promote clear connections to successfully creating a learning community that supports students while keeping teachers sane and successful. Here are the rules that will help teachers rule the school. Whether it’s your first year teaching, your last, or somewhere in between, “42 Rules for Elementary School Teachers (2nd Edition)” will give you easy-to-implement strategies for being an outstanding and effective educator.

Author Susan Guerrero shares the rules she has learned and lived in over twenty years in education. Her experiences as an educator are varied and diverse, giving her a full understanding of the personal and professional challenges that teachers face. As a supporter of teachers, Susan brings the insights she has gained from being both inside and outside the classroom and she shares them in this career book.

“42 Rules for Elementary School Teachers (2nd Edition)” is for any teacher who wants to stay connected to the joy of teaching or who wants to learn:

  • What you need to do to be successful before students ever enter the classroom
  • Why we need to ask important questions
  • What PREP really is and how it will help you reach every student
  • How you can relax and still be phenomenal

What They’re saying.

“This book of rules would make Dr. Phil smile. The precise, practical and child centered volume is perfect for the new teacher. By incorporating research, common sense and big doses of humor, this quick and dirty read should be on every new teachers’ (and veteran teachers’ as well) professional library shelf.” Dr. Michael O’Laughlin, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Union School District, San Jose, CA

“Susan Guerrero’s ’42 Rules of Elementary School Teachers’ honors the reasons why young people go into teaching and affirms the best instincts of those who have been in the trenches for decades. She reminds us of the power of a teacher’s perception and model to support the courage and joy of learning. Two examples are Rule 29: ‘Every Student is Gifted’ and Talented and Rule 33: ‘Laugh Every Day.’ The small, poignant stories that Guerrero tells of her students and colleagues roots her rules in reality, heart and hope.” Laurie Marshall, Teacher, Novato Charter School, Novato, CA.

“This is ‘teacher talk’ at its best from an educator who has experienced the full spectrum of teaching, learning, reform and accountability. What the Wongs’ do for the ‘First Days of School,’ Susan illuminates for the days before you begin teaching, the times you struggle to continue and all the days in between. A true celebration of real teachers, their experiences and best practices ’42 Rules for Elementary School Teachers’ is a gem.” Lourdes Desai, Director of Special Education and Categorical Programs, Burlingame (CA) School District

What’s in the book.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

Rule 2 Teaching Is All About Learning
Rule 17 Invite and Embrace Evaluation
Rule 24 Create Scaffolds to Success

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