42 Rules of Product Marketing (2nd Edition)

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What’s it about?

“42 Rules of Product Marketing (2nd Edition)” is a collection of product marketing wisdom and insights from forty-two experts from around the world. This book will expose you to the experience and knowledge of a group of the world’s leading product marketing experts with a range of perspectives in both consumer and business markets.

In this book, you’ll learn ways to:

  • Craft the right positioning and messaging for your prospective customers
  •  Communicate with your customers in terms that are meaningful to them.
  • Use the web and social media to have two-way conversations with your customers
  • Use web analytics to understand customer interest
  • Work effectively with sales and sales channels to manage leads and drive revenue
  • Become recognized in your company or organization
  • Discern a prospect’s digital body language from web interactions
  • Understand the new rules of public relations

Best of all, it was written with the busy product marketer in mind. Each rule is kept to two pages and designed to stand on its own. The rules can be read in any order. In less than five minutes a day, you can learn from forty two of the best marketing managers in the world. Whether you are a seasoned, experienced product marketing manager or are just starting out, the “42 Rules of Product Marketing (2nd Edition)” will help you to work more effectively and produce greater returns for your company.

What they’re saying

“Regardless of your role, organization or background, you will gain new insights and ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of your product marketing activities.” Ken Horner, Vice President of Business Development, Calgary Scientific Inc.

“42 Rules of Product Marketing is an excellent compilation of easy-to-read marketing tips that cover state of the art marketing practices.” Mike Freier, President, Silicon Valley Product Management Association

“Powerful but concise book that pulls together the insights, experience and wisdom of  over 40 marketing professionals with excellent advice for both consumer and business products.”  Therese Padilla, President, Association of International Product Marketing & Management

What’s in the book.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

Rule #2: THINK BIG!, start small, move fast
Rule #8: Have Courage at Launch
Rule #10: Make Social Media a Listening Platform
Rule #21: Help Your Sales Team Communicate Your Message
Rule #: 34: Speak In The Customer’s Language