42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)

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What’s it about?

42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)” is a collection of product management wisdom from forty experts from around the world. With over five hundred years of combined hands-on product management and product marketing experience, the authors Brian Lawley and Greg Cohen each shares one rule that they think is critical to know to succeed in product management. Whether you are a seasoned and experienced product manager or are just starting out, “42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)” will help you lead with greater effectiveness and influence.

Packed with pearls of product management wisdom, this management book has something for everyone. Best of all, it was written with the busy product manager in mind. Each rule is kept to two pages and designed to stand-on its own. They can be read in any order. In less than five minutes a day, you can learn from forty of the best product managers in the world.

What they’re saying.

“If you asked me to place decades of product management experience in a box, this book is what you will find under the lid. The ’42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)’ is truly a unique compendium of practical product management advice from proven professionals in their field. If you are seeking commercial success for a product or service, the ’42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)’ will navigate you around numerous pitfalls encountered along the way, including the barriers that are often self-induced.” Michael J. Salerno, Co-founder, Boston Product Management Association

“’42 Rules of Product Management (2nd Edition)’ is a very straight-forward, easy and fun read. There is nothing more elegant and simple than asking fellow product managers to share their ideas and capture it all for future reference. It’s a book that everyone is going to want to have within reach.” Therese Padilla, President Association of International Product Marketing & Management

“Brian and Greg have shown tremendous leadership by bringing together talented Product Management professionals to share their thoughts, opinions and passion for Product Management. This book shows that the global Product Management community is alive and actively growing.” Lisa Simons, Senior Product Development Consultant, brainmates

What’s in the book.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

Rule 2 Work on Products You Are Passionate About
Rule 4 Think Like an Entrepreneur
Rule 5 Learn to Say “No” to Customers

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