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A New Program: Kindle MatchBook has created a new purchasing program called Kindle MatchBook. You can purchase the Kindle version of qualifying books that you purchased from in print.  You’ll pay between 0 and $2.99 for the matching Kindle versions.  Going forward you can buy the print book along with the Kindle version for $2.99 or less.  This means that authors make more money when promotes the bundle.  As an author with a book in print you have to enable your participation in the program.  For more information visit

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7 Things Authors Can Do While Waiting for A Book to Be Published

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 11.34.06 PMA client forwarded this article to us today.  You’ll love “7 Things Authors Can Do While Waiting for A Book to Be Published” by Shelley Hitz on The Future of Ink Blog.  Shelley gives us seven things to do while our book is awaiting publishing.  For self published authors you can work on these items while you’re writing the book or better yet hire a Virtual Assistant to do this grunt work for you.  To read the full article click the link in the title above!

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Mini Q&A with Seattle author Wendy Call

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The Writer’s Block: Living a Writer’s Life blog has a mini Q&A with author Wendy Call from the upcoming book “Everyday Book Marketing“.  Wendy discusses her book, book promotion and gives advice for new writers.  Our favorite quote is “This is no time to be shy. Nor humble. Put yourself out there; push yourself a bit past your comfort zone.”  All writers should heed this advice and learn to become their own best supporter.  You can read the Q&A here.

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What Do Readers Want?

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New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Marie Force, has conducted a survey and announced the results in her blog post “The Readers Sound Off! How They Read, What They Like and Where They Find Us”. 2,951 people replied to the 44 questions in June of 2013 so the data is still very new. To read the results of the survey read “The Readers Sound Off“.

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Publishing Resources From Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review offers resources that will prove helpful to self-published authors, regional presses, specialty publishers, academic houses, and the small press publishing community.

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What If Publishers Could Start From Scratch?

Digiday has a great article covering interviews with publishers.  They asked each publisher what they would do if they got a “do over”.  It’s interesting to see that most of them say they would have paid more attention to and invested in digital technology.  Not surprising given that hindsight is 20/20.  You can read the entire article at Digiday.

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Offer All Of Your Purchasing Options To Buyers

These days readers consume books in various formats.  Some prefer paperbacks, others won’t touch anything that isn’t on their Kindle and others like to read books in PDF on their computer.  When you set up your sales page for your book make sure you tell your readers how and where they can buy the book in any format you offer.  For example, put a buy link for physical copies and link to the Kindle and Nook.  Make it easy for your readers to buy your books no matter how they intend to read them.

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AME Blog Carnival: Tips and Tricks for Writers and Authors December 24, 2012

Author Marketing Experts has a very interesting newsletter that covers topics for writers and publishers.  They do a good job in collating content from around the web that you might find interesting.  Take a look at a recent newsletter here.

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Free Webinar “Publish Your Book in 2013: The New Rules of Publishing Make it Easy!”

Has publishing a book been on your To-Do list for far too long? Then make 2013 the year it gets done! This webinar explains the strategy and process of taking your book idea from being just a glimmer in your eye to a real-live book on

Attendees will learn:
* How to make your book work for you before it’s even written
* Publishing strategies that get your book to market fast
* How to make your book title drive website traffic and sales
* The 5-steps to writing a great book…really fast!

About your presenter: The 42Rules book series was started by long-time marketing executive, author and founder of Impact Marketing Group, Laura Lowell. Laura wanted to help experts write books and share their wisdom, while maintaining their current workload and lifestyle. Today, the 42Rules series outperforms industry standards for sales of independently published trade paperback book.

Join Laura Lowell on February 20, 2013 at 10:00 am PST.  Register here!

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E-Books Destroying Traditional Publishing? Not According To NPR

So many publishers were worried about the e-book revolution and piracy concerns that they couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  Now that the dust has somewhat settled publishers have learned that e-books have opened doors for them that they previously thought closed.  Zoe Chace writes on NPR that publishers are now using e-books to get new readers and other benefits.  We don’t want to say “We told you so” but…  Read the entire article here.

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