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Use Handles That Reflect Your Book Title

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On social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. you get asked to create a handle, page name, account name…  If you are going to use a different account for each book or series use the same handle and page name and relate it to your books.  For our book series we use 42Rules for our social media accounts.  Make sure you keep track of your handles and passwords because it’s easy to get confused!

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Interact With Fans Weekly

fansEven if you have a small fanbase interact with them weekly.  Fans love authors that take the time to interact with them and if you do your fans will recommend you to other potential readers.  You can get really creative with this but here is a list of a few things you can do to “meet” with your fans weekly:

  • Hold a weekly Twitter chat.
  • Create a weekly video and post on your website and social media accounts.  Ask fans to comment so you can answer their questions.
  • Host a Google+ Hangout weekly.
  • Have a weekly chat on Facebook.  You can post the notice of the chat on your Facebook Fan Page and have fans comment.  You can reply to comments.  Make sure you setup a regular time to start and end the chat.
  • If you have local fans setup a MeetUp group to meet with fans locally.

Do you have ideas for ways to spend time with your fans?  Share it with us in the comment section please!

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Use Hashtags On Twitter And Facebook

book marketingYou can promote your book with hashtags on Facebook now just like you have on Twitter.  The trick is to pick the right hashtags to use.  You can, of course, create your own hashtags but if no one knows about your book the hashtag won’t work.  The key is to get people to follow you and retweet your tweets.

A good hashtag to use when talking about your book is #book.  It’s that simple.  People tweet about books and book reviews on Twitter so this simple hashtag gets a lot of use.  The following websites can help you research hashtags before you start tweeting or Facebooking.  Let us know what hashtag you use for your tweets!
What The Trend


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155 Ways to Tweet: Twitter Mania Manual

John Kremer has created a collection of Twitter tips that can help both newcomers and old timer authors who want to leverage the power of Twitter to market their book.  You can download the e-book version or read the online version here!

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