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Piggy Back On Current News To Promote Your Book

The most difficult thing for any marketer to do, whether on-line or off, is to create a “buzz” around their book. You have to build a level of excitement surrounding your book for it to see any success at all.  You may feel like you are beating your head against a wall as you try to get anyone to notice your book and to get them to even care.  I am sure that you think that you have something that is very important to offer people. Unless you can educate and convince them that it is important, they just won’t get it and you won’t get the sale.

There is a way that you can get by without having to do the hard work of generating excitement around your book.  Let the larger media outlets do all the work for you.  Sometimes you will luck out and find that there is a big buzz related to your book and it will only take a little bit to get the social groups interested in what you have.

I used this strategy when I launched 42Rules for Working Moms. This was during the days leading up to the Presidential elections.  Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin were both “working moms” and all over the media.  We connected the book to that story and landed a full feature placement on The Peter Walsh Show on the Oprah & Friends radio.  See how it works? Connect to something that is already buzzing is a much more effective  strategy than creating the buzz all by yourself.

If you don’t get lucky with a connection between your book and the media you will have to use your imagination to connect the dots.  Look for what are popular topics on the regular news media, what trends are hot and what gossip is going on in social circles. More than likely you are going to find something that your book can fit into.

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