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42 Rules for Sensible Investing (2nd Edition)

What’s it about?

In “42 Rules of Sensible Investing:  A Practical, Entertaining and Educational Guidebook for Personal Investment Strategies (2nd Edition)”, Leon Shirman shares his practical insights on personal investment strategies and philosophies, and on picking winning stocks. These views are heavily influenced by successful long-term approaches used by modern investing legends, such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. The sometimes complex and esoteric strategies are transformed into concise, practical, and sensible rules.

You will read about investing principles that can be used to evaluate your portfolio and immediately implement changes if necessary. Some rules are common sense advice, or something that you may have already heard about, such as:

  • How to stay calm in declining markets
  • How to have a good selling strategy
  • Why diversification is necessary

Other rules, however, could definitely cause controversy:

  • Why index funds perform better than most other actively managed funds
  • How over-diversification can be a bad idea
  • Why long term investing in stocks is less risky than in bonds
  • Why it makes sense to stay invested at all times
  • How a simple process of stock picking is better than a complex one

What they’re saying.

“This book condenses enough wisdom into these 42 straightforward rules to save investors years of learning through costly experiences.” Abbott J. Keller, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Kestrel Investment Management Corporation

“The book provides a great summary of investment techniques in concise and understandable form. A must read for anyone who doesn’t have time to go through voluminous tomes on investing.” Vieta Rosenberg, CPA, Profit Factor

“Valuable and actionable advice for both novice and experienced investors delivered in an enjoyable and easy to read manner.” Bryan Koffman, General Partner, PanTerra Investments

What’s in the book.

Rule 2 Compound Interest Is Good
Rule 3 Invest for the Long Term
Rule 10 Stay Invested at All Times

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