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Give Your Book It’s Own Facebook Fan Page

No doubt about it… FaceBook is fun. You can find friends from high school, college, old employers… it’s great to see how people are doing.  However, the biggest challenge authors have with FaceBook is where to draw the line between the personal and professional.

Branding yourself as an author versus your personal life can be confusing.  FaceBook can help or hinder you in this area if you don’t use it appropriately.  You can use Facebook Fan Pages to create a separate presence for your book AND to build an audience.

A Fan Page is a page that can be created just for your book.  This was done to allow authors, businesses, bands, non-profits and others to have a place to gather.  Individuals can become “Fans” of your page, which is completely separate from your personal profile.  The benefit for us authors is that you can provide book related content to your fans without them seeing the picture of you sent your grandparents last Christmas.

Now you can begin telling people about your Fan Page and invite them to “become a fan”.  You can advertise within FaceBook and target potential readers.  On your Fan Page, you want to give folks things to do, learn, try all focusing on the topic of your book.  Ask fans to leave comments and respond to comments when you have the time.  You can use Social Oomph or Hootsuite to schedule content updates to your Fan Page for you!  Use your Fan Page like a mini website to promote your book.

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