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Post An Excerpt At Freebie Sites

If you have an excerpt of your book you can offer it on sites that publish free offers to readers.  Make sure that you include more than just your introduction.  Most freebie sites require the excerpt to include one chapter from within the book.  You can find these types of sites by searching Google.

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42 Rules for a Web Presence that Wins (2nd Edition)

What’s it about?

“42 Rules for a Web Presence that Wins (2nd Edition)” (also available in our marketing bundle) was created by author Philippa Gamse for business owners, executives and managers, associations and nonprofit organizations who want to understand what it takes to create and sustain a successful web presence. It’s primarily designed for smaller businesses which are not pure e-commerce companies, and that probably don’t have the resources to deploy major enterprise software solutions and dedicated in-house technical teams.

The book is about business concepts, issues, strategies and tactics for the Web. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list or review of tools, technologies, platforms, current regulations or any of the other constantly shifting parameters of the online world. Rather, it aims to provide a fast, but thought-provoking read that offers a 30,000 ft “hawk-eye” perspective on the many different considerations for an effective website strategy and social media campaign.

What they’re saying.

The rules may be less important than the examples! Some of the anecdotes are counter-intuitive and web ‘ambassadors’ will benefit simply by asking the questions implied by author Gamse’s rules.”  Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer

“A tactical and practical guide to web activities that will help you avoid the pitfalls and potholes.”  Guy Kawasaki, Author, “Enchantment:  The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions” and former Chief Evangelist of Apple.

“Philippa has put together dozens of gems to help you get more from your web presence and think more deeply about your business, your customers, and how to approach them. A must-read . . .”  Dr. Mark S. Albion, Co-Founder, More Than Money Careers LLC, and former professor, Harvard Business School

“Philippa is . . . laser-focused on what works, what’s tried and true, and what simply makes sense. Just having this book on your desk will make you a better online marketer.”  Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, and Author, Social Media Metrics

“Philippa provides an excellent list of ‘checks and balances’ for those who might be too close to their own material, or too used to seeing things from only one perspective.”  Darrin Johnston, Senior Vice President, Sales, Meyer Corporation[/expand]

What’s In The Book

The book is divided into four main sections:

– Management-level Issues
– Setting Strategy and Tactics
– Creating Content That Makes Connections
– Measuring Results

These 42 Rules are based on 15-plus years of consulting experience and research by author Philippa Gamse into what works at a practical level, and are illustrated with real-life examples from her clients, audiences and colleagues. Each rule also includes a set of strategic questions to help you understand how to think through the key issues, how to make your own decisions in each case, and how to assign your own priorities.[/expand]

Hear from Philippa

Listen to author Philippa Gamse discuss ‘Website Strategies that Win’ on BizBuzz, BlogTalkRadio in conversation with host Becky Cortino.

Watch The Webcast

Creating Digital Connections – With Feeling (Philippa Gamse) from Laura on Vimeo.

You can register for a free book excerpt on the right side of the page. Just complete the form and we’ll email it right to you.

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42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics

What’s it about?

42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics is about understanding a visitor’s journey through your website then applying that measurement, collection and analysis of data for the main purpose of adequately optimizing and improving website performance. This includes learning where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site or measuring key drivers and conversions such as which web pages encourage people to react by calling, emailing or purchasing a product.

The benefit of applying this free knowledge, whether you are an advertiser, publisher, or site owner, will help you write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher-converting web pages.

It is even more imperative to apply analytics now that online advertising channels have evolved from traditional display and text to mobile, video and social networking. If you are to succeed, it is a must and not an option to align metrics with business goals, draw actionable conclusions and articulate metrics and goals to stakeholders.

Author Rob Sanders is a Google Analytics expert and consultant with a diverse group of companies providing creative and technical solutions for online growth including overseeing their search engine marketing, social networking, blogs & video.

What they’re saving.

“Rob Sanders has helped me to analyze and manage successful campaigns for clients from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits. In this book, he gives step by step, no-nonsense advice so you can do the same for your business, using Google Analytics. Read it and learn!” Cathy Clifton, Brix Direct, E-Commerce Consulting

“Rob does an outstanding job of outlining the rules and methodology used by Google Analytics and presents a plausible plan for maximizing the marketing potential of this important tool.” Robert Wucher, Principle, Wucher & Associates

“42 Rules for Applying Google Analytics is a great resource for anyone interested in learning how to use, or make better use of, Google Analytics.” Seth Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Equity LifeStyle Properties

What’s In The Book

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

  • Understand what analytics means and how it applies to ‘your’ website.
  • Don’t suffer from information overload – utilize the “dashboard”.
  • Know your visitor behavior.
  • Integrate Google AdWords & other CPC campaign data.
  • Set goals (for conversions, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, …).

Watch the webcast

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