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42 Rules for Creating WE (2nd Edition)

What’s it about?

For 200,000 years, human beings have moved back and forth between I-Centric and We-Centric societies. Time and again, we’ve seen the “I to WE” pendulum swing. Yet, history has shown us that societies that prospered, withstood adversity, and created real and lasting advancements understood the power of Creating WE.

Currently, most organizations today operate in an “I” paradigm. In this arena, we keep score – “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” We are taught to control our needs and emotions because they are destructive—logic prevails. We are punished for making mistakes and we hide our thoughts for fear of losing our power or status. In a WE paradigm, things are different.

In this leadership book, “42 Rules for Creating WE (2nd Edition)” (also available in our leadership bundle) offers new insights from thought leaders in neuroscience, organizational development, and brand strategy, introducing groundbreaking practices for bringing the spirit of WE to any organization, team or cause. In the book, readers learn how to:

  • Shatter Old Paradigms
  • Understand What Moves People
  • Foster Integrity, Candor and Caring
  • Create Worlds with Words

Each of these concepts contains a set of timeless guidelines, practices and tools for becoming a WE-Centric leader and fostering dramatic improvements in productivity, engagement, and focus. Leaders who have the courage to explore these new concepts will begin to see more productive norms emerge in their organizations. They will see people working together toward common goals, energetically and enthusiastically. And that’s when the real magic happens.

“42 Rules for Creating WE (2nd Edition)” is written by The Creating WE Institute, an international group of critical thinkers with multi-disciplinary expertise, who have come together to harvest new forms of engagement and innovation in the workplace. The Creating WE Institute’s mission is bring a spirit of WE to organizations currently operating as a group of I’s.

What they’re saying.

“It took Napoleon Hill nearly 25 years to write ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ his legendary guidebook for individual success. Judith E. Glaser and her Creating WE Institute colleagues took a lot less time to write today’s greatest guide for team success, and it will soon be read by 6,200 Burberry employees worldwide.” Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry

“One of the most pleasing and captivating aspects of music is the ability to identify and bring together sounds that when heard individually would appear lacking and discordant into a beautiful and complete harmony. In 42 Rules for Creating WE, leaders will learn how to listen for these different sounds and how they can use them to bring about the harmonization of their organization into a beautiful and complete WE.” Nile Rodgers, CEO We are Family Foundation; Composer; Music Producer

“42 Rules’ is a handy collection of relationship gems—whenever you feel stuck in a relationship and wonder how to get unstuck, pick up this treasure trove and find the gem of insight that provides a roadmap for getting unstuck.” Dr. Pierce J. Howard, Author, The Owner’s Manual for the Brain

What’s in the book.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

Rule 3 Be Selfish to Become Selfless
Rule 15 Be Consciously Contagious
Rule 30 Support Others in Recognizing Needs

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42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role (2nd Edition)

What’s it about?

“42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role (2nd Edition)” (also available in our leadership bundle) describes practical and effective actions for you to make a strong start at your new VP, Director, or Manager job. Drawing from more than 50 interviews with respected leaders and the author’s 20 years as a strategy consultant and executive coach, these rules form the manual they forgot to hand you when you got that promotion or offer letter.

Topics in this leadership book include how to gain cooperation from your team, read the business culture at your new level, tee up smart “quick wins”, show others how to work with you, assess the business risks in your new role, make the most of your strengths without overdoing it, work around your weaknesses, use team screw-ups to your advantage, redesign your undoable job, and stay focused on your plan when everyone wants you to fight fires and solve the problems on their desks.

Let this book remind you what you did right before, help you avoid common missteps that cause leaders to stumble, and give you new strategies for acing those critical first months. Adjust what you find here to serve team needs, market condition, cultural context, your goals and your personal leadership style. Buy this book when you’re making a step up, moving to a new organization, or for your friends as they move up. This book is also an ideal reference for executive coaches, HR business partners, management trainers, executive assistants, and others who help new leaders to be successful.

Author Pam Fox Rollin coaches leaders to succeed at the next level. She specializes in helping functional leaders, especially marketing executives, who are stepping up to more strategic roles.

What’s they’re saying.

“I wish I had this book early in my career! By now, I’ve seen hundreds of people start leadership roles—from senior executives to customer-facing team leads—some starting brilliantly, some struggling unnecessarily. This book points you to the actions that make all the difference in those critical early months.” Peter Aceto, CEO, ING DIRECT, Canada

“Pam was a key partner in transforming my team from a sales support organization to one providing strategic marketing leadership. With her warm and direct style, Pam assisted me in tackling the challenges of being new to the company, new to the industry, and new to leadership level. With my reports (many of whom were also new), Pam developed their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and implementation planning. The wisdom in this slim, yet impactful, book provides new leaders a road map to success.” Gail Piccirilli, former VP Marketing, Blue Shield of California

“Pam gives us that rare gem of a book—the perfect blend of proven tactics solidly grounded in the latest research. 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role offers smart, busy leaders the proven mindsets and practical to-do’s to make their strongest start as they rise in the leadership ranks. She also provides great tips on leading change across your organization. Refer back to the book often, and take every chance to hear Pam speak about leadership.” Sharon L. Richmond, Director, Change Leadership Center of Excellence, Cisco Systems

What’s in the book.

Rule 7 Map What Matters to People with Power
Rule 17 Pick Smart Quick Wins
Rule 24 Make Your Own Metrics

You can register for a free book excerpt on the right side of the page. Just complete the form and we’ll email it right to you.

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