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42 Rules for Working Moms (2nd Edition)

What’s it about?

As featured on Oprah & Friends radio, this personal growth book is written by 42 working moms. It is a compilation of funny, practical advice on how to survive as a “working mom”. These real life experiences are fun, personal and sure to be appreciated by working moms everywhere. Gone are the sugar-coated nicey-nice images you just can’t relate to. In “42 Rules of Working Moms (2nd Edition)”, you get real insights into what matters, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Author Laura Lowell brought together a diverse group of working moms: different cultures, industries, ages, relationships and perspectives. The contributors possess years of experience balancing their personal and professional lives. They come together to share their hard-earned lessons with other working moms.

“42 Rules for Working Moms (2nd Edition)” is for any Mom who struggles with how to switch gears, or who wants to learn:

  • What successful working moms know that you don’t.
  • Why it’s OK to be selfish.
  • Why we need to lose the guilt.
  • Why coloring outside the lines is so much fun.

What they’re saying.

“Laura and her savvy crew of working moms really get it. The best thing is they’ve shared their secrets with the rest of us. A must read for every working mom!” Lizzie Bermudez, Emmy-Award winning Reporter and Television Host

“We are loving Laura Lowell’s “42 Rules for Working Moms “2nd Edition)”. There may be zillions of how-to books out there on being pregnant and raising tots, but it’s a vast wasteland when it comes to the logistics of juggling work and family. So Lowell assembled the best advice from 42 working moms into this eminently readable little book, and offered it up in bite-sized chunks because really, the last thing a working parent — or any exhausted parent for that matter — has is leisure to read.” Jackie Burrell, http://www.ibabuzz.com

“Trying to entertain a toddler in the kitchen? A favorite in Laura Lowell’s house, the editor of 42 Rules for Working Moms: Practical,Funny Advice for Achieving Work-Life Balance is fun with food coloring. Katherine Bontrager, iParenting, part of Disney Family

What’s in the book.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

Rule 7 Outsource Everything
Rule 12 Stay Ahead of your Schedule
Rule 38 Play the Question Game

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