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42 Rules for Successful Collaboration (2nd Edition)

What’s it about?

In “42 Rules for Successful Collaboration (2nd Edition)” (also available in our management bundle) you will learn that whether you are a 5-person team or a 50,000 person company, some of the same rules for successful collaboration apply. The more you share what you know the more it is worth; understanding a person’s local context is more critical to successful collaboration than any technology you may use. Based on years of research, and encyclopedic knowledge of collaborative technologies, and a realization that collaboration is hard to do successfully, the author provides a holistic view on collaboration and through a variety of contributions from his social networks, others have contributed their best rules for collaboration based on their experience. The holistic approach (people, process, and technology) is the organizing principle for the book and each rule can be found in the appropriate section. Managers, CEOs, Venture Capitalists, or anyone that has to work with other people at a distance every day can get great benefit from this book.

Readers of this management book by author David Coleman will walk away with a much better idea of how to be successful in their interactions with others via the computer. It will help people who are on teams separated geographically, as well as managers and executives. The book is filled with high-tech nuggets of wisdom for programmers and IT professionals, but it also has practical rules that apply to anyone who works with others…which is most of us.

What they’re saying.

“Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to read the latest book by David Coleman – ’42 Rules for Successful Collaboration (2nd Edition)’. As the founder and director of Collaborative Strategies, David has been involved in the collaboration world since 1989. He’s a leading analyst, author and public speaker who has consulted with many of the top vendors in the collaboration industry. His blog is a great source for insightful information on current trends. I first met David myself at an Enterprise 2.0 conference back in 2007 and since then he’s provided us with much valuable advice on our own business development. This is David’s fourth book dealing with collaboration, though his other books have tended to have more of an academic flavor. What I found so effective about this book was the simplicity of the format with which the ideas were presented. Each rule was concisely presented in a page or two. You can read through the book in about an hour or two and take away many valuable insights to help your business. I also liked the way that the book itself was developed as a collaborative undertaking, with over 3/4 of the rules being contributed by people from various fields who relate the collaboration issues they’ve addressed first hand in their organizations. This gives the book a diverse and very practical perspective.” Stuart Feldman, Cozimo Blog

What’s in the book.

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:

Rule 2 Understand your team members local context
Rule 3 The difference between collaboration and gossip
Rule 4 The rules of engagement – Agreements and communication

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