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Writer’s Block Tip

Writer’s Block. Every writer suffers from this affliction more often than we’d like to admit. We have a neat trick for non-fiction writers. If you need a topic for a chapter or a rule (as in the 42Rules books) then the first place you should visit is the place where your audience congregates. Often this will be industry forums but it might be topical newsgroups. Drop in frequently to see what your readers are talking about. You’ll learn about the newest trends, the questions your readers have and what they value. All that information is free for the taking!

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42 Rules for Driving Success with Books (2nd Edition)

What’s it about?

This book will help you appreciate the ease of creation and the depth of value a book (or series of books) can create for your business. Whether you write the book yourself, have your clients or partners provide content, or have it ghostwritten, you will be informed and inspired by the stories and lessons of others who have had success with books.

The authors of this career book wrote content that allowed them to demonstrate innovation, share their marketing strategy, improve client retention, and share tricks and techniques on using a tool or service. The fact that they put this content in a book gave their ideas weight and increased their credibility and reputation. Having the books show up on Amazon, BN.com, and other bookstores, as well as personally delivering their books to clients and prospects, really helped to drive the impact of their message.

If you are a CEO, CMO, evangelist or someone in your company that needs to demonstrate thought leadership, drive lead generation, and increase revenue, this book by Mitchell Levy is an invaluable read as it will help you catapult your success.

What they’re saying.

“There’s no better way to establish instant credibility on a topic than by saying ‘I wrote the book.’ Mitchell Levy has established himself as Silicon Valley’s author’s author. Authors and aspiring authors turn to him for guidance on how to do it easily, quickly, and with credibility. In today’s era of marketing turbulence, this book is incredibly relevant for anyone looking to market themselves or their brand. A must read.” Rich Goldman, VP, Corp Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Synopsys

“I always say that in order to achieve success you must first build visibility and then credibility; only then can you move forward into profitability. In ’42 Rules for Driving Success with Books,’ Mitchell Levy explains how becoming a published author is the ultimate way to build visibility and credibility by branding yourself as an expert which will inevitably build your business. Simply put, this book is an essential read for anyone wishing to attain a higher degree of success.” Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI

“Nothing can accelerate your success curve faster than becoming an author. Mitchell has brought together all the secrets of 40 bestselling authors, providing the best single source for both inspiration and do-it-today advice.” Gerald Sindell, CEO thoughtleadersintl.com and Author ‘The Genius Machine’ (New World Library, May 2009)

What’s in the book.

Rule 6 An Investment With A Long Payback
Rule 11 Have The World Come To You!
Rule 37 To Give Is To Receive

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