42 Rules Newsletter September 2013


book excerptIt’s that time of year again.  The strawberries and peaches are out of season.  Days get shorter and cooler and you are back to the routine of getting up at 6:00 am to take the kids to school.

This time of year you may find yourself starting a new job, a new project or a new business.  In each of these situations you’ll be looking for leads.  Lucky for you, Chris Muccio, author of “42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn”  has just released a 2nd edition. The updated book focuses on how to use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool – pretty handy, huh? Plus, Chris is running a special launch campaign with tons of great resources for anyone who purchases his book during the campaign.

Saying goodbye to summer isn’t so sad when you’ve got exciting new projects and opportunities right around the corner!

Let’s raise a glass to summer,

Laura Lowell
Executive Editor, 42Rules books

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Help Me Get Hired… Using LinkedIn as your Career Transition Differentiator!
by Chris Muccio

The economy is rough and the news from this past week was very discouraging.  Recently my first book on LinkedIn – 42 Rules for 24 Hour Success on LinkedIn  (available on Amazon)  was published and because of that, I have been invited to speak to job seekers about things they can do to help them shorten their career transition. Read more.

Social Media is a Marketing Tool – Three Tips for Your Business
with Chris Muccio

This week, the Masters are taking place and you would need to live in a cave not to hear about it or Tiger Woods …and that got me thinking.  Anyone can play golf, albeit at different levels, but ANY one can play.  It’s the same thing with Social Media, anyone can do it but not everyone can perform at the same level or achieve the same results.  Having spoken to many CEO’s over the last few months, it is very clear that a lot of confusion exists in the business world, regarding what Social Media can achieve and WHO can actually achieve those results.  Read more.