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Two Places To Do Book Giveaways

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Nemo / Pixabay

Book giveaways are an essential part of book marketing and it’s best if you set them up before the book is even published.  Our favorite two places to setup a giveaway is GoodReads and LibraryThing.  GoodReads is now owned by and they allow giveaways only for physical books.  LibraryThing is independently owned and allows giveaways for physical and e-books. It sounds strange but giving away a few books helps sales by exposing your book to more potential readers who may purchase when they don’t win.  Check both of these sites out to see if they will work for your books!

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GoodReads Has A Fantastic 2012!

We love GoodReads.  It is a great resource for both authors and for readers.  We regularly run giveaways for our new books and we always get a good response so we are happy to see that Goodreads doubled in size in 2012.  To learn all the good news from Goodreads click here and let us know how you use the site to promote your books.

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