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If Your E-Books Aren’t Selling Then Change Them!

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Thanks to a brilliant post on the Warrior Forum we got to thinking about the flexibility we have when publishing e-books for Kindle, Nook, etc.  When you publish an e-book and it isn’t selling you can change the title, cover, description, etc.  If something isn’t working then don’t keep doing it.  That is the definition of insanity.

If you have a published e-book then consider making some changes.  Here is what people on the Warrior Forum recommended changing:

  • Title
  • Cover
  • Author Name
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Price

If you would like to read the thread yourself visit The Warrior Forum.

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Get Your E-Book Noticed With Addiction To E-Books

book marketingAddicted To E-Books offers e-book authors two ways to promote your book.  If you are running a free promotion on or Smashwords you can submit the free promotion here.  If your e-book is priced at $5.99 or less you can submit it to be featured on the home page.

The rules:  you must create an account to post your book and each book can only be listed once.  There are many books on the list so be patient.  No Erotica or offensive material will be accepted as this is a family friendly site.  Be sure to submit only books that have at least 5 reviews on  To submit a book to this promotion click here.

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The 2014 Digital Book Awards

The Digital Book Awards (formerly known as the Publishing Innovation Awards), founded in 2010, recognizes innovation, creativity and excellence in all aspects of digital book publishing. Each year, award winners and finalists in 15 categories demonstrate fresh thinking, inspired design and bold technology integration, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this constantly evolving publishing arena.

The program encompasses all forms of digital publishing that are available to consumers as ebooks, enhanced digital books and apps, in order to showcase and reward the work of authors, developers and publishers.

Our 2013 winners and finalists, celebrated at an awards luncheon at the Digital Book World Conference, included titles from the big-six publishers, independent publishers, international producers, digital developers, platform hosts, and self-published authors— in other words, a true reflection of the current digital publishing landscape.

All entrants to the Digital Book Awards are automatically entered in our QED process. The QED is a rigorous 13-point inspection conducted by a network of experienced ebook developers to ensure that all entries meet our criteria before the judging begins.

Once the QED process has been completed and your entry is certified “QED ready,” your entry is then reviewed by one of our prestigious judges, all of whom are widely recognized within the publishing industry for their expertise in ebook content, design and production.

Learn why you should enter discover the categories available for this year’s award at Digital Book World!

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BookBaby and PressBooks Make Deal

Authors who use PressBooks for the free ability to upload and format e-books now have a distribution option thanks to a deal made with BookBaby.  In the past if you used PressBooks you would have to export your e-book and upload it to a distribution site.  Now, thanks to a deal announced in April, you can sell your books directly from PressBooks.  There is a fee for selling on BookBaby but the convenience might make it worth it for some users.

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Offer All Of Your Purchasing Options To Buyers

These days readers consume books in various formats.  Some prefer paperbacks, others won’t touch anything that isn’t on their Kindle and others like to read books in PDF on their computer.  When you set up your sales page for your book make sure you tell your readers how and where they can buy the book in any format you offer.  For example, put a buy link for physical copies and link to the Kindle and Nook.  Make it easy for your readers to buy your books no matter how they intend to read them.

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E-Books Destroying Traditional Publishing? Not According To NPR

So many publishers were worried about the e-book revolution and piracy concerns that they couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  Now that the dust has somewhat settled publishers have learned that e-books have opened doors for them that they previously thought closed.  Zoe Chace writes on NPR that publishers are now using e-books to get new readers and other benefits.  We don’t want to say “We told you so” but…  Read the entire article here.

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GoodReads Has A Fantastic 2012!

We love GoodReads.  It is a great resource for both authors and for readers.  We regularly run giveaways for our new books and we always get a good response so we are happy to see that Goodreads doubled in size in 2012.  To learn all the good news from Goodreads click here and let us know how you use the site to promote your books.

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Need Feedback? Checkout Meetup

A Meetup is a group of people who get together, often on a regular basis, for a common purpose.  Some groups are paranormal investigators or dog owners or readers.  Many groups exist in communities around the world that are writers who share tips and critique each other’s work.  Checkout Meetup and find out if you have a writers group in your area you can join.

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Don’t Forget The Reading Audience That Doesn’t Own An E-Reader

Angela Hoy says that about 75{6d2d557e9d00bd0668d81f1c684edf6bee4f94716c136688ced4e9a613f7f134} of Americans don’t own an e-reader and some of them never will!  Publishing for Kindle and the Nook is hot, hot, hot but don’t forget that the majority of readers still want to pick up a book and hold it in their hands.  To read Angela’s article click here and while you’re at it subscribe to her free e-zine.

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Lit Agency Launches E-Publishing Company

Bondfire Books, a new e-publishing company, has been launched by Alive Communications, a Colorado Springs-based literary agency representing Christian and inspirational authors. The company will publish e-book exclusives by such bestselling authors as novelist Karen Kingsbury and Eugene Peterson, author and translator of The Message Bible.  Read the rest of the press release at Publishers Weekly.

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