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Author’s Quick Guide to Engaging Your Fan Base

The “Author’s Quick Guide to Engaging Your Fan Base” is an e-book for Kindle written by Kristen Eckstein, the Ultimate Book Coach.  From the description of the book Eckstein says “The secret to engaging your fan base is to help them, and help them profitably. By helping them invest in themselves, you’re giving them an incentive to change their world and achieve their dreams. Engaging your fan base in this way will ensure their ongoing support of you in the future. It’s the foundation to an amazing and brilliant relationship!”

This affordable e-book is just one of many written by the author to help you sell more books!

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The Official Self-Published Book Marketing Plan

Join Nick on Write Hacked (formerly Live Hacked) as he shares his marketing plan for a self-published book.  There is quite a lot of detail in the over 4,000 words so you can save it to your computer or register for the newsletter and get a ready to read downloaded copy.  The best thing about this marketing plan is not only the detail but the emphasis on starting your marketing plan before your book is published.  You can read the entire post here.

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Tell Readers Who You Are

erachTo help potential readers bond with you be open about your life, your past and your dreams.  Don’t reveal information that would be damaging, obviously but help people see the best in you.   Even if you write about business talk about your hobbies.  Got a passion for golf, chess or animal rescue?  Talk about that too.  Nothing is irrelevant if it gives potential readers an insight into how your mind works.  Dozens of famous authors like John Locke and Amanda Hocking shared themselves with potential and current readers and it helped them sell books.  It can work for you too.

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World Literary Cafe Helps Authors Sell More Books

World Literary Cafe

Hans / Pixabay

Another really useful site for authors is World Literary Cafe.  Join the World Literary Cafe community and find opportunities for author interviews, editors, reviewers, book giveaways, beta readers and more.  One neat feature is that you can hold and host a book club discussion of your book.  You will also find all kinds of writing and publishing advice.  Pop over to World Literary Cafe to look for yourself.

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Why Hire An Editor? by Robert Doran

The Catherine, Caffeinated blog has a great guest post about  hiring an editor by Robert Doran.  Catherine is a great fan of self published authors hiring an editor and has pointed this out in many venues and at various times.  She is hoping this post by Mr. Doran will get through to those stubborn self published authors who don’t believe in using an editor.

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The Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Self-Publishing a Book

Guy Kawasaki has written twelve books in twenty-five years.  He went the traditional publisher route and ended up self publishing later.  During his self publishing venture he learned many things and he captured ten of them in his article “The Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Self-Publishing a Book”.  You can read it here.

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AME Blog Carnival: Tips and Tricks for Writers and Authors December 24, 2012

Author Marketing Experts has a very interesting newsletter that covers topics for writers and publishers.  They do a good job in collating content from around the web that you might find interesting.  Take a look at a recent newsletter here.

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Writer’s Digest “Guide To Guide to Literary Agents” Blog

If you are looking for a literary agent then we highly recommend the blog written for Writer’s Digest by Chuck Sambuchino.  Chuck blogs regularly and includes interviews with agents and writers, writing tips and information about upcoming seminars both offline and on.  To learn more visit Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents Blog.

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Want to write a book? It doesn’t have to be like this…

Author Nathan Bransford gives us a wickedly funny take on publishing a book in his post “The Publishing Process in GIF Form“.  Although his take on the usual process is dead on, it doesn’t have to be like this.  If you work with new publishers like 42Rules, you don’t have to go through the traditional process that can take years to get your book to market.

With our proven formula, you can go from having an idea, to having a book on Amazon in less than six months.  The 42Rules program is the only program of its kind to combine the three critical elements required to make a book successful:  Writing, Publishing and Marketing.

If you have a non-fiction book in you, contact with us right away to learn more about our program.  We look forward to working with you.

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Do you know your potential readers?

Your book readers are critical to your success as an author.  So you better know them inside out or you are not going to be successful.  I know this is a bold statement but it’s true!

As a publisher I always ask my potential authors if they know who will buy and read their book.  Almost all of them say “I believe that everyone could enjoy reading my book.”  Wrong!  It would be lovely if everyone would buy and love your book but that doesn’t happen even for a bestselling author.   People have very definitive tastes in book topics and writing styles.  You can’t possibly appeal to all of them and it would be a waste of your time to try target the entire world.

Defining your target reader is the most important thing you can do before creating your marketing plan.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about social media , PR or advertising – if you don’t know who your target reader is none of this stuff will be effective.

Do some research by looking at books similar to your own and check out the reviews.  Start by identifying who your readers are by using standard demographics like:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Family Size
  • Location
  • Language Spoken

Once you come up with a profile of a target reader you will be able to use that information to find out where these people hang out and then take the steps to communicate with them.  Without this information you’re really shooting in the dark!

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