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Recommended Book: Money Making Machine

Money Making Machine – How To Publish, Market and Make Money Using Kindle Books is a Kindle book by Anbu Rayappan.  The author wrote this book about his success with Kindle books that he has not even written.  He gives tips on how to outsource books for Kindle in addition to lots of marketing tips.  In 4 QUICK and SIMPLE Steps, he will tell you exactly what you need to do to create and market your book.

Included in this book are tips such as:

  • How to use KDP Select to improve your sales.
  • How to use Google Keyword Tool to effectively market your kindle book
  • how can you convert your passion and expertise into a money-making book
  • how to select a clickable and amazing cover design
  • list of more than 75 power words to create your book description
  • how to effectively use book description to improve seo
  • how to bring your book on to the first page of amazon search result
  • how to choose titles which persuade the customers to click using
  • emotive hidden persuasion technique?
  • How to get your dream cover design from the designer?
  • Where to find excellent cover designs for your book
  • how to use reviews to sell more books?
  • How to make your competitor to sell your book
  • how to get your book appear in “customer who bought…” Section
  • what color should be your cover design?
  • What fonts sell more books?
  • How to get 70{6d2d557e9d00bd0668d81f1c684edf6bee4f94716c136688ced4e9a613f7f134} royalty from amazon?
  • What price to choose to maximize your profit?
  • How to sell your book free and still make money?
  • How to get to the top 100 best sellers list?
  • Do you need page break at the end of every page?
  • How to find the right category to sell more copies?
  • An amazing way to figure out the number of copies sold from sales rank.


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Use Facebook Wisely

Just like any social network, Facebook has to be used wisely while you are building a community of potential readers.  Do the wrong thing and you can undo all of the credibility you’ve worked hard to build.

Here are some things that you definitely want to avoid doing on FaceBook:

1.  Do not spam people’s inboxes, walls or Facebook Fan Pages. This will cost you your credibility and it can also get you banned from FaceBook entirely.  Facebook is an important tool that needs to remain spam free in order to be a place where people want to gather.

2.    Don’t post the link to your website on people’s walls or Fan Pages.  This just makes you look desperate and greedy. Don’t drop links anywhere at all. Instead, post interesting comments and people will click your name to learn more about you from your profile.

3.    While you want to give yourself and your business a human face don’t get overly personal  especially with photos and videos. You aren’t searching for a hot date – you are trying to build an audience of readers.

Use good sense and avoid behavior used by other spammers.  In the long run it may take longer to build your audience but the price of your credibility is not something you want to lose.

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The In’s And Out’s Of A Virtual Book Blog Tour

The Book Deal blog has a great interview with Jackie Morse Kessler, the author of a four-book Young Adulst series with Houghton/Graphia: Hunger, Rage, Loss and the upcoming Breath.  Ms. Kessler just finished a blog book tour and explains how it works and what the benefits are for authors.  To read this insightful post at the Book Deal blog and let us know if you’ve ever participated in a book blog tour.

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I Love LinkedIn Answers!

A feature on LinkedIn that can help authors build their network and establish credibility is LinkedIn Answers.  Answers is where you share your expertise and establish yourself as an expert.  It’s a great way to make your book stand out – by answers that are the topic of your book.   This is not a lead generation tool and using it like one will hurt your credibility.  Provide useful, relevant answers and you will do just fine.

You can ASK and ANSWER questions here.  When asking questions, keep them short and specific. You are more likely to get response if your questions are clear and on point.  This is a great way to do research for your marketing campaigns.  When answering questions, remember that these folks are honestly looking for information – they don’t want to hear your sales pitch.  So if you have something to share hop on over to LinkedIn and get started!

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What Is The First Thing You Need To Do To Get Book Sales?

Get reviews.  It’s that simple.  The incredible success of Amazon.com has largely been driven by user generated reviews.  Books with no or few reviews don’t sell.  Even books with negative reviews sell better than books with no reviews because potential buyers know a book won’t please everyone.  If you have a book you need to give away copies to reviewers and ask them to post their reviews on Amazon.com and every other book review site they can find.  It’s that simple.

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