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Social Media For Authors

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Authority Publishing has published a great article about social media by Stephanie Chandler.  Chandler points out exactly what we’ve been saying all along… social media isn’t the cure all for your marketing woes.  She says “Recently I was talking about social media with a friend, who happens to be an executive for one of the largest PR firms in the country. He said, “Social media is not transactional. We tell our clients not to expect social media to be about generating sales. It’s about so much more.” I couldn’t agree more, yet I speak with authors frequently who want social media to be the solution to their marketing woes.”  Read the full article to learn more.

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Author’s Quick Guide to Engaging Your Fan Base

The “Author’s Quick Guide to Engaging Your Fan Base” is an e-book for Kindle written by Kristen Eckstein, the Ultimate Book Coach.  From the description of the book Eckstein says “The secret to engaging your fan base is to help them, and help them profitably. By helping them invest in themselves, you’re giving them an incentive to change their world and achieve their dreams. Engaging your fan base in this way will ensure their ongoing support of you in the future. It’s the foundation to an amazing and brilliant relationship!”

This affordable e-book is just one of many written by the author to help you sell more books!

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The Official Self-Published Book Marketing Plan

Join Nick on Write Hacked (formerly Live Hacked) as he shares his marketing plan for a self-published book.  There is quite a lot of detail in the over 4,000 words so you can save it to your computer or register for the newsletter and get a ready to read downloaded copy.  The best thing about this marketing plan is not only the detail but the emphasis on starting your marketing plan before your book is published.  You can read the entire post here.

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Get Your E-Book Noticed With Addiction To E-Books

book marketingAddicted To E-Books offers e-book authors two ways to promote your book.  If you are running a free promotion on Amazon.com or Smashwords you can submit the free promotion here.  If your e-book is priced at $5.99 or less you can submit it to be featured on the home page.

The rules:  you must create an account to post your book and each book can only be listed once.  There are many books on the list so be patient.  No Erotica or offensive material will be accepted as this is a family friendly site.  Be sure to submit only books that have at least 5 reviews on Amazon.com.  To submit a book to this promotion click here.

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Get Your E-Book Reviewed At Online Book Club

book reviewOnline Book Club for Readers is a site about books by book lovers.  Included in the site are a discussion forum, polls, reviews and recommendations.  This site offers another chance for authors to get their e-book(s) reviewed for free.

To get your e-book reviewed you’ll need to fill out a rather lengthy form but this should not bother you.  Getting a fair review is the trade off.  The review will be posted on the book club site but it is at the discretion of the reviewer to post it elsewhere.  You should be able to use the review to add to your editorial information on your Author Central account on Amazon.com!

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Use Bookmarks To Promote Your Book

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We love a good bookmark.  Who doesn’t?  Bookmarks are something that we take for granted but when we don’t have one at hand we scrounge around the house to find something, anything to put between the pages of our book.

Authors should take advantage of the fact that everyone needs a bookmark, or more specifically, several bookmarks.  Get custom made bookmarks that match the cover of your book and include details on where the book can be purchased.  This will work for e-books too.

Before your book is even published setup your book for pre-order on your website and start giving away the bookmarks.  Some ideas for spreading the word about your book:

  • Ask your local librarian if you can leave a bookmarks at the checkout counter for people to pick up before they leave.
  • Check with all your local bookstores and see if they will give them away with a purchase.
  • Leave your bookmark inside books in the library that are in the same genre as your book.
  • Leave behind a bookmark at coffee shops, restaurants or anywhere you people can sit at a table.
  • Ask friends and family to pass out your bookmarks and be sure to send a bookmark to everyone who has purchased a book!

If you are struggling to get your book marketing campaigns off the ground check out Book Marketing Mojo!

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42 Rules for B2B Social Media Marketing

The authors are donating all their royalties to the Khan Academy, an organization committed to providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. The publisher, Happy About, is matching their contribution dollar for dollar.

What’s it about?

If you want to remain relevant as a marketing professional and avoid common mistakes, read this book. Social media is changing the way people think about marketing. It’s much more than pushing out the same content through new channels.

1. Start Listening

The biggest shift: marketing communications has become a bi-directional discipline, where you can (and must) listen to your customers rather than just talk to (at) them. But, with so many social media channels and new rules of engagement, even seasoned marketing professionals sometimes get stuck on where to begin.

2. Know the Difference in B2B

This book was created for business-to-business (B2B) marketing professionals who need to move quickly towards a marketing mix that now includes social media. While B2B marketing is still the commonly used term to differentiate it from business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, social media – and the future of marketing – is about people-to-people (P2P) communications.

3. Learn Practice vs. Theory

Learn from a combined 20 years of hands-on social media experience. The authors provide guidance on how to understand market requirements, engage in conversations with customers, build awareness for solutions, and generate targeted leads. Using a combination of best practices and use cases, it will quickly become clear how to maximize your return on investment with LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other popular online channels.

4. Implement Quickly

The phased approach used in the book will enable you to make steady progress as you move into social media without getting overwhelmed by too many options.  Providing small, well-defined chunks, the book makes it easy to integrate what you learn into your existing marketing strategy and day-to-day execution, step by step, while avoiding classic mistakes like over-committing resources., If you want to remain relevant as a marketing professional and avoid common mistakes, read this book.

What they’re saying

“A must-read for those responsible for digital and social program execution within progressive B2B organizations.”
Maggie Fox, Founder and CEO, Social Media Group

“”42 Rules’ offers valuable, practical guidance for B2B marketers of all levels.”
Mark Yolton, SVP of Digital, Social and Communities, SAP

“Whether you want to build your brand online or turn your organization into a social business, this book is a great resource.”
Dave DeWalt, Former CEO and President, McAfee

What’s in the book?

Here’s a small sample of the actionable content in this book:
Section I – Mixing Social Media into Your Marketing
Section II – Creating Social Media Content
Section III – Leveraging Key Social Media Sites
Section IV – Engaging Effectively in Social Media
Section V – Using Social Media in the sales cycle
Section VI – Putting Social Media into practice

social mediaMichael Procopio consults with Fortune 1000 customers on social media and social intelligence.
LinkedIn: http://LinkedIn.com/in/MichaelProcopio

social mediaPeter Spielvogel uses social media extensively to listen to customer sentiment, build awareness, and generate targeted leads for SAP.
LinkedIn: http://LinkedIn.com/in/PeterSpielvogel

social mediaNatascha Thomson is the founder and owner of MarketingXLerator, a B2B Social Media Marketing Consultancy.
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/NataschaThomson

You can register for a free book excerpt on the right side of the page. Just complete the form and we’ll email it right to you.

Watch The Webcast

Registration with the BrightTALK network is free and gives you access to all 42Rules webcasts plus thousands more across their network.

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No One Throws Away Books: How To Use Your Book To Build Your Business

“My consulting revenue has grown by 6 figures after my book was published.  I was able to get more leads, close more business and increase my fees because I am an author.”
—Michael Griego author of “42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness”

If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, professional speaker or coach you spend a great deal of time marketing your products and services.  Your goal is to get your message to as many potential customers as possible.  But each year it becomes more difficult to differentiate yourself when so many of your competitors are trying to do the same thing.

You can become the recognized expert in your field and build a thriving business by writing a non-fiction book.  A book isn’t just a book… it’s probably the most effective marketing tool out there for independent professionals.  Your book is the platform from which you build your brand and your business.  Here is a list of just a few of the ways our authors use their books to build their business:

Build a brand.  Use your book as a branding tool.  Create paid products and services on the same topic as the book.  For example, your book could become an e-course, an audio book, a series of podcasts or radio shows, special reports, part of a book series, a teleclass, webinar or DVD.

Get more clients.  There’s nothing like giving a book you wrote to a prospective client.  In the “old days” we created expensive printed proposals with all sorts of graphics but a printed book is far more impressive and shows your potential client that you are an expert in your field.  Close more deals by including a free book for every team member you will work with on the project.

Get free media coverage.  Media outlets like newspapers, magazines, television, radio shows and blogs need a constant stream of new stories to keep readers engaged.  Pitch your book to journalists for review and offer yourself as an interview subject.  Chances are you, as an author, will receive much more coverage than someone without a book.

Make money.  Sell your books on your website, bookstores and online book retailers.  Take them to speaking engagements and sell them at the back of the room.  Package your book with other products.  Build an affiliate program and have your affiliates sell your book for you.

Increase your search engine rankings.  The number one way to increase your search engine rankings is to have incoming links from a variety of reputable websites.  Get these links by offering your book for free to online book reviewers and ask them to include a link to your website in the review.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using a book to build your business.  A good book can be used as a marketing tool for many years as long as it is relevant.  Now that you know a book is the best marketing tool you can have what’s stopping you from writing one?

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Author Laura Lowell is the creator and Executive Editor of the 42Rules™ book series.  The 42Rules™ book series is founded on the belief that most subjects can be summarized into 42 distinct areas that capture a topic’s essence.  Learn more about how you can become a 42Rules™ author by visiting http://42rules.com/write/ and follow our publishing blog for writers at http://42rules.com/blog/.

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